Top 50 resources Tech Experts go to for inspiration — Part 3

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4 min readJun 21, 2021

Next to the magazines and podcasts, websites are also a great place for inspiration. The following websites were recommended by fellow Tech Experts.

In case you missed the previous two parts, please find the links below:



Now go ahead, visit the following websites and be inspired!


The website lists consists of 18 great websites to go to for inspiration. Check them out!

  1. Tech crunch blog
    All the tech news. If you read it in detail, there are a lot of gems to pick up on — Zlatko Bijelic aka Z, Tako Agency
    I prefer TechCrunch often because it has updated information on every technology-related topic. It also has a section named ‘Startups’ where one can read about the emerging tech startups from all over the world. Hence, inspiration + ideas. — Tanay Sankhe,

Great articles, I get a daily digest from them, and the site understands what I like. — Bill Kunneke, Leasecake.
I started following PC Magazine after I subscribed to Medium, and that’s where I still follow them. What I like the most about it is that their articles are short, objective, and they cover the most popular gadgets and technology. — Edward Eugen,

useful because they will do deep dives on interesting new companies before there is any hype — Jim O’Connell MBA, Envara Health

When I want to know what new books, blog posts, products, frameworks, programs are out there, I just visit Have a look at the top stories of the day / week / month. It is insane how many good articles appear on Forbes — Rajat Hardy,

A lot of awesome projects and ideas that people come up with. It’s an easy way to showcase something that was created as a weekend project or big idea — Zlatko Bijelic aka Z, Tako Agency
Every day I visit to see what are the new products that I can choke up money for. Every week I feel like the website keeps getting better, and that trend is going up — Rajat Hardy,

6. Build like a woman
When I need a shot of serious female leadership advice, I seek out the content and trainings offered here — Amaya Weddle, bande

7. Dzone
it really dives into subjects like software development. This is a great way to keep up to date with the latest trends in the dev space, especially if you are interested in how developers are implementing new technologies, and how they are taking on security considerations on a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) level. — Graeme John, ITBlogPros

8. The Heretic
The Heretic is a blog / podcast / email subscription by Pascal Finette. This is my go-to source because it is always concise and to-the-point with a lesson that is top of mind for Pascal. It is always helpful in shifting my perspective and always takes less than 3 minutes to read. On a personal note, Pascal has taken my calls and helped me a couple of times when I have run up against challenges that I needed advice on. He is that kind of guy. He has genuine interest in helping entrepreneurs — Jennifer Cyphers, Pynwheel

9. Thrive Global
Ariana Huffington’s weekly newsletter, blog — A great source of critical, topical, and relevant information about the wellness industry. — Amaya Weddle, bande

10. Search engine land
The gold standard for daily SEO news coverage and discussion, Search Engine Land is the first place I go in the morning to check for emerging trends, Google algorithm announcements, and tips to bolster my rankings. This website is led by a team of industry veterans who have witnessed decades of SEO evolution, providing informed and insightful comments on the past, present, and future of digital marketing. — Harrison Sharrett —

Carol Roth has worked with hundreds of companies, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses, on all aspects of business and financial strategy and via her blog she is sharing all kinds of tips that inspires business owners.

12. Ted talks
Ted talks are well-known for their inspirational value from various speakers for the audience. Get new insights in bitesize speeches of 18 minutes.

EpicLaunch has several blog categories, all business related. I know you’ll find some interesting blogs that you can benefit from.

14. Exponential view
Exponential view is like your trendwatcher towards the future. Join their newsletter or just read the articles online.

Fizzle offers courses, blogs and podcasts. Just check it out and see if it’s something for you.

A lot of Apple posts on this website. Since a lot of tech experts use Apple products, this might just be the site for you.

Gartner is well-known for their reports and articles. You just have to check it out, lot of interesting articles.

18. MarTech
Just like the site says, martech is marketing. Since marketing usually isn’t the strong point of tech experts, it’s worth checking out this site.

This post completes the top 50 list. Next week I will post a bonus to inspire you, so keep following me!



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